I just love it when I get copies of letters like this

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I love the lettercopy@blogactive.com It’s where I get some real fun stuff to read.

blogACTIVE reader William King penned this letter to Chris Crain over at the Washington Blade. With Williams approval, I am reptining it here.

TO: Chris Crain, Washington Blade

You have got to be out of your fucking mind.

If in fact you wanted to showcase the views of conservative gays you could hardly have found a worse candidate than Guckert/Gannon. The still unresolved circumstances of his bizarre journey from gay hooker to member of the White House press corp should be reason alone NOT to give him a platform in the Blade. Jim/Jeff’s sudden conversion to bisexuality is another laughable development in his strange 15 minutes of fame. He has no credibility, but obviously you’re looking for a gimmick. Your sad little defense of this fool shames you.

The Blade’s recent re-invention as the official smokescreen of the vast DC underground of closeted gay decision makers is simply pathetic. As the leading gay publication in our nation’s capital, you should be Gay-America’s advocate. Instead, you cover up for Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, Jeff Berkowitz and all the other self-loathing collaborators who are working hand-in-hand with the GOP to worsen the oppression and marginalization of gays in America.

Who are you to preach tolerance when Guckert is just a sad little sissy version of Sean Hannity spewing the GOP party line? A party line that is anti-gay from start to finish. How much tolerance would you expect to receive if Guckert’s pals Santorum, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Falwell, etc have their way with our nation?

The management and staff of the Washington Blade have failed in their service to their readers and to the greater community of gay people in this country.

William King

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