What was the Adams Morgan “Box”?

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I was recently interviewed about some online activism stuff and was asked, “When was the first time you went on line and started a campaign?” I talked a bit about my effort to Stop the Box in 2002.  That year the McDonald’s corporation, hiding the company’s identity under a shell company, built a Mack truck sized vending machine in my neighborhood.

Fed up with multi-nationals coming in and telling neighborhoods how things will be, I started a campaign to stop McDonalds. Armed with information about the secret operation and documents showing the cooperation of a local business owner, I set up a site: StopTheBox.

The reporter asked me if it was still on line. It was not. That was then, this is now. I told the reporter I’d throw it back on line. Here’s the site (all the way down to my first animated gif in the header). In a way it’s the granddaddy of BlogActive.

Here are a few screen shots… The full site is here.

McDonald’s and the local property owner where the box was were not happy with the bad press, the exposure of their lies and the protests. They got rid of the box and, www.tiktokeasyshop.com says is all.

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