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The site has had bit of a back and forth with one Garreth Westwood. Over a YEAR after he posted a comment, he wrote in to ask for it to be removed. I asked a volunteer to write back to communicate that the site generally does not remove comments.

Not satisfied, Mr. Garreth wrote back, threatening to “escalate this to HaloScan [the comment manager].” I wondered, why would someone want a comment removed over a year after it was removed? Interest piqued, I dug into the comments system and came up with the original post. Quite a piece of work:

Where were all you left-leaning Democrat types “outing” the hypocrisy of a so-called feminist president who sexually harassed and abused women? (That would be Clinton). Where were you then?

Or how about outing ***** and *****…there are red flags there!

I am no supporter of Ed Schrock and he obviously is a conflicted man. But being addicted to a homosexual lifestyle or being trapped in confusion about one’s orientation doesn’t make one a hypocrite. It is possible that Ed Schrock knew that his homosexuality was wrong and his politics reflected that. He was a force for good.

Instead of resigning, Schrock should have contacted a Christian ex-Gay ministry for counselling–in much the same way an alcoholic joins AA.

Is a recovering alcoholic a hypocrite for voting for tougher drunk-driving penalties. No!

It is interesting how your site is silent on how Gov McGreevey played the “coming out” card to distract us all from the rank corruption of his administration. Who is the Hypocrite?

Shrock was weak for resigning. I guess Sam Francis is right about America having two political parties: the evil party (Dems) and the stupid party (GOP).

One thing that might have backfired on your campaign is that you really have inspired me to get into the fight. I need to get into blogging so we can expose the hypocrisy and the darkness of the homosexual movement. Contrary to your sense of triumphalism, your victory is not inevitable. The backlash will come.

I deal with emails like Mr Westwood’s comment every day. Rather than “escalate” the issue — whatever that means — I took his comment from September, 2004 off the comment board.

I am sure he will be happy to know that I fulfilled his request.

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