US Rep. Ben Quayle claims he was outed

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Apparently this GOPer, the son of former VP Dain Quayle, doesn’t like it when the tactics are turned back on the GOP. Interestingly, every time I have seen these kinds of campaign materials they end up having some kernel of truth to them… I wonder…

From The Hill:

Rep. Ben Quayle’s (R-Ariz.) campaign is arguing that a mailer from his primary opponent, fellow GOP Rep. David Schweikert, has sexual connotations, and is demanding an apology.

Schweikert’s campaign is not backing down from the controversial mailer it issued on Friday, which characterizes Quayle as someone who “goes both ways.” The campaign says the wording refers to his flip-flops on important issues.

“The mail piece was clearly intended to say ‘both ways’ — taking the liberal and conservative side on issues,” said Schweikert campaign spokesman Chris Baker.

But the Quayle campaign slammed Schweikert over the mailer, which it says has sexual undertones in its use of a term — going both ways — that normally refers to bisexuality. Though the campaign could not be reached for comment, Quayle spokeswoman Anna Haberlein told the Tucson Citizen that the mailer was a “sleazy smear tactic.”

2 Comments on "US Rep. Ben Quayle claims he was outed"

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  2. Christopher in Carolina June 27, 2013 at 12:21 pm · Reply

    Like father, like son. The apples doesn’t fall far from the tree. Yes, we all know about Dan, first homosexual Vice President.

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