Politico: Why I Outed Gay Republicans

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As visitors here know, I rarely post anymore. I do put up the occasional item and today I’m adding this post and another.

The Politico ran a story I wrote thatI want to be linked here. It generated over 1,000 comments.

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Why I Outed Gay Republicans

In July of 2004, as 11 anti-gay marriage ballot campaigns competed for conservative attention at the polls, I started BlogActive, a site dedicated to exposing anti-gay politicians who were themselves having secret sexual encounters with other men.

For years, I had known of prominent gay politicians who were in the closet but worked for homophobic causes in the interest, it seemed to me, of their political careers. And so, drawing on sources within and outside Washington, I began using my blog to expose these congressmen and their high-profile staffers. A media frenzy ensued. Within two days of the site’s launch, the Washington Post published one articleanother followed just six days later. Local and national television outlets called, challenging me to defend and explain my actions. In one early interview, Bill O’Reilly said to me, “People’s sex life should have nothing to do with any kind of a policy.”…

Here is the complete story.

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