TAKE ACTION: What a shock.

Yeah, right.

Another closet case helping the radical right do its dirty work. Remember the closet case who is one of Bill Frist’s top fundraisers? Well, he’s been using Frist’s charity, World of Hope (no website, despite a $4 million+ budget), to make quite a nice pile of money.

The story was first reported by Daily Kos diarist Blue Intrigue Friday and by the Associated Press yesterday. Both stories, however, lacked the fact that it’s a closeted gay man at the center of the money swirl that is being made off of AIDS.

The AP article reports:

The rest of the money went to overhead. That included $456,125 in consulting fees to two firms run by Frist’s longtime political fundraiser, Linus Catignani. One is jointly run by Linda Bond, the wife of Sen. Christopher “Kit” Bond, R-Mo.

The tax forms show Catignani’s fundraising firm, Catignani & Bond, was paid a total of $276,125 and his event-planning arm, Consulting Services Group, was paid $180,000.

In the sane article Kent Cooper, the Federal Election Commission’s former public disclosure chief, said:

the consulting fees were “excessively high” and the fact that they were “paid to primarily political consultants also raises questions about the long-range strategic benefits for the 2008 presidential race

Doesn’t gay man Linus Catignani care at all where his profits come from? Doesn’t he care that millions were sent to organizations that have anti-gay reputations and ties to the most homophobic wing of the GOP?:

World of Hope gave $3 million it raised to AIDS causes, such as Africare and evangelical Christian groups with ties to Republicans — Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse and the Rev. Luis Cortes’ Esperanza USA, for example.

“These tax deductible gifts were earmarked through Senator Frist,They were raised in the political arena at the 2004 Republican Convention and the natural question is were they given to the Senate majority leader to gain favor or were they given for true charitable purposes?”

How a gay man can make that kind of money off of a gay bashing United States Senator is something I will never understand. Frist’s rating from HRC is a zero. I am sure it will be no surprise that he’s a co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, now renamed the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Here’s the original award from
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TAKE ACTION: Write to Linus Catignani and let him know what you think of a gay man working for one of the United State’s Senate’s most anti-gay members. Click here to write Linus and a copy will be sent to blogACTIVE.com as well as to Lunus’ partner and Senator Frist’s press secretary.

PS: If it’s not bad enough, the AP article also reports that a number of contributors to the fund have frequent business before Congress:

The donors included several corporations with frequent business before Congress, such as insurer Blue Cross/Blue Shield, manufacturer 3M, drug maker Eli Lilly and the Goldman Sachs investment firm.

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