Why the wait?

People have written and asked me why I won’t release the name of the closeted Senator referred to in the letter.

The reason is simple. Since the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are so rife with incompetence, I am forced to decide when the most effective time to release these stories by myself. In the case of the subject of last week’s letter, he is up for reelection in 2008 or 2010. That is when the Senator’s term is up and he runs for reelection.

Sure, I know groups like the DSCC and DCCC can’t publicly support this work…but you think the political directors at these two groups would at least have the smarts to put me in touch with some useful people. Nope…the geniuses at the DCCC were too busy give me the WRONG information about Ed Schrock’s seat to actually care.

So, last week we have the party Chairman trash the gay desk — Smart move to offend the people who gave John Kerry tens of millions of dollars — and now we have the continued lack of caring from staff of the two organizations charged to lead the fight for congress. Maybe they are still trying to find their way to the Gore speech.

So much for the belief that these groups actually care about winning elections.

Over the next year, the site will do some short profiles of the Democratic staffers who are dropping the ball on this.

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