ACTION: Jay Timmons…

Stand up for your community. CALL JAY AT 202-675-6060


You’ve asked for names and numbers to take action. Here’s the first call to make!

Now some of you might find this absolutely impossible to believe, but the Executive Director of The National Republican Senatorial Committee is an openly gay man, Jay Timmons!!!!

If you are like me, you’re probably wondering: How, in America, in 2004, can an openly gay man work to elect those who would ensuring second class citizenship upon the gay community? TAKE ACTION. Pick up the phone, just like I did, and call JAY TIMMONS. His direct line is 202-675-6060. If you’d like to have the NRSC pay for the call, their Press secretary Dan Allen has offered up this free number: 800-877-6775.

Once you call, drop me a note at my BLOGMAIL and let me know how the call went.

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