Roy Blunt tries to change movie rating

Today and yesterday Hollywood has a way of
making things seem different than they
are, movies about Indians are a
great example of this. Many times grossly inaccurate.

Remember the guy who made sure closet case David Dreier didn’t get a House Leadership post? Well, right winger Roy Blunt is now trying to influence movie ratings for religious-based films. The Hill is reporting that he is unhappy about a PG rating for a film about a football team at a Christian High School. The Motion Picture Association of America mad the rating for themes unrelated to the Christianity portrayed in the movie, and an MPAA spokesperson was surprised at the allegation.

Never one to let the truth get in his way, Blunt accuses the MPAA of anti-Christian motivation:

“This incident raises the disquieting possibility that MPAA considers exposure to Christian themes more dangerous for children than exposure to gratuitous sex and mindless violence,” Blunt wrote. “I am sure many of my colleagues share my concern, he wrote in a letter.

The Hill reports that the MPAA wrote back:

According to the MPAA, the film explores several mature themes that led the ratings board to conclude that children would benefit from parental guidance. The MPAA cites a subplot related to pregnancy but also says the film includes “proselytizing” elements.

I’m so glad we have Roy Blunt around… I am hoping he can help end oppression of Christians in America. Who knows, Blunts efforts may result one day in a Congressional majority of Christians and even a Christian President of the United States. WOW!

The Hill: Blunt weighs in on movie’s PG rating

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