TAKE ACTION: Tell The Hill newspaper to stop protecting the closet of US Rep. Jim McCrery

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JAMES McCRERY (R-LA), A closeted member of Congress, has raised $15,000,000 (Update: $27 million, not $15 million.) for the National Republican Congressional Committe. You can read about his outing by the Advocate in 1992, here.

This closeted gay man has gone and raised $15 million for the National Republican Congressional CommitteeThe Hill, apparently, doesn’t think that gays raising money for homophobes is a big deal. I feel otherwise.

TAKE ACTION: Write to top editors at The Hill and the article’s reporters to protest their covering up the truth about McCrery: He’s a closet case assisting the homophobes. CLICK HERE TO SEND THE EMAIL [Note: If this SEND EMAIL link doesn’t work, just copy and paste the text in the text box to your email ‘To’ field.]

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The Hill: Milestone for McCrery

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