Washington Post weighs in.. Kudos to DearMary.com

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JUST IN: Our campaign is clearly in style — Page 1 of the The Washington Post‘s Style Section to be exact. Click here to see the article.

When interviewed by the Post, I said “…congressmen have declared war on gay people, and we’re fighting back. We need to expose the hyprocrisy of Congress.”


Check out the amazing ad that the wonderful folks at DearMary.com ran in today’s Washington Blade. The ad sums up this campaign perfectly! My favorite line? That’s an easy one: “For Years Our Silence Has Protected You. Today that silence ends.”

3 Comments on "Washington Post weighs in.. Kudos to DearMary.com"

  1. Anonymous July 9, 2004 at 5:13 pm · Reply

    I commend you on your efforts to “out” Hill staffers who work for anti-gay members of Congress. I hope you’ll go after their bosses as well. The level of gay bashing on the Hill is unbelieveable. How a gay person could work for, much less support, someone who is openly anti-gay is beyond my understanding. My brother, who died in 1996 from AIDS,would be raging against the system right now, and would be disgusted by the tolerance within the gay community for this closeted behavior. Where are the cries of outrage by the gay community? It is folly to think that the minds of our elected officials are going to be changed “behind the scenes” by closeted staffers. That will not happen in an election year, particulary with the current administration and the climate they have created.

  2. Gen. JC Christian, Patriot July 9, 2004 at 5:41 pm · Reply

    The reality is, there are a lot of courageous Hill staffers having heart-to-heart discussions with their bosses to get them to be on the right side of the FMA issueThe Frenchmen at the Post have it right. There is nothing more courageous than having heart to heart discussions while you’re greasing the machinery of hate.

  3. Anonymous July 10, 2004 at 4:12 pm · Reply

    It’s amazing. As a black man, I’ve never been to sympathetic to Republicans. I mean the Republican party has tried to keep it’s foot on the back of my neck for most of the past thirty-years. But, if there’s one group that’s taken it up you know where (and not in the good way) more from Republicans– it’s gay people. Wasn’t the race prejudice a bad sign? Or did these guys working on the hill think, ok they can screw over blacks, Hispanics, etc., but I’ll be ok because I’m white and male? (Since when did being white and male stop people for hating you because you liked d*%k?) I’m not enamored of the Democrats, but I could not support a party that supported discrimination against ANYONE– period. It’s funny, very few of the members of the CBC voted for the defense of marriage act. For all of the hand wringing about anti-gay sentiment in the black community, the fact is that black elected officials on the federal level have consistently been against anti-gay measures. I wish the white gay people that I knew were far more supportive of African Americans in general. I wish that it hadn’t taken Republicans putting gay people in the cross-hairs, before reaching a new level of gay activism. I’m one happy black man to see that someone is finally taking action against these gay Uncle Tom’s. These folks are enemies of the gay state (as well as many others) and need to be treated as such.

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