It’s time to make some changes.

Second Anniversary of blogACTIVE brings new blogger onto the team

Friday marked a very special day for my blog. Two years ago, on July 7, 2004, blogACTIVE came into being with my first report on a closeted anti-gay official.

Over the past two years much has happened. Dozens of closeted politicians and senior staff who work against the gay community have been reported on. The site pushed one anti-gay member of Congress out the door and helped a member of a state legislature come out on his own terms with help, love and support. This site and the coverage it has received have created social change and educated many on the perils of homophobia from within the closet.

The work of this blog also resulted in the creation of my LGBT news service, PageOneQ. Moving from a twenty-year career in activism and fundraising to journalism has been quite a change. My father has always predicted I would find great joy in working with computers and the web. He was right.

It’s time to make some changes.

Over the next three months, I will be making some big changes to the blog and PageOneQ. Some are in the planning stages (a blog redesign) and some have already been set in motion (the creation of a new site which blogACTIVE and PageOneQ readers have been asking for). And, perhaps, most important, I have decided to share some of the work with other capable folks who are great believers in blogACTIVE.

Meet Julian Miller.

Diehard fans of the site know Julian for his lively participation in the comments section. As I’ve read the comments Julian has posted, it became clear to me that he and I share many of the same political beliefs. This is not surprising, as we are both 42 and came of age in a gay community ravaged by AIDS. Like me, Julian has spent time living in New York, which was his home for 16 years until his recent move to Chicago. When I speak to Julian I feel one of those connections politically that is almost second nature. I am sure there are times on this site when Julian and I may disagree — I promise you that when we do the discourse will be interesting.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Julian has been active in a number of community causes, including Boycott Colorado, the effort against Colorado’s Amendment 2, and gay and lesbian groups in Japan. Like me, Julian believes that old time activism is still effective and necessary.

Julian recently wrote:

I do believe that sometimes we must make our voices heard and we have to take clear stands for or against current and proposed policies and legislation. I love the reason that blogactive exists to keep people honest. If someone is a gay politician and she/he supports anti-gay legislation and policies then I firmly believe that we need to have an open and honest discussion about how he/she can support positions that hurt loved ones and the community. This is not “outing;” this is requiring honesty from those who govern and who are in positions of power. I do not believe that living a closeted life in Washington, D.C., NYC, SF, LA, Seattle or most other cities is a morally tenable position. Some readers of this blog disagree with this view. Mike knows that I will never try to please everyone; that is impossible. I would like most to keep a discussion going on what political action is necessary to protect our civil rights and what policies, legislation and regulations discriminate against us. Also I would like to discuss how some straight people have misperceptions about who comprises the LGT community.

I look forward to hearing from the readers of this blog.

And I look forward to hearing from Julian…

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