Jay Timmons, NRSC Executive Director

Original Title: ACTION: Please Thank Pat RobertsonTOLL FREE 800-373-5504

7When the gay community’s enemies take a step in the right direction, it is important for us to show our thanks. When you have a moment, pick up the phone and thank Regent University President, Rev. Pat Robertson at 800-373-5504 (ask for the President’s Office)

Here’s some pictures from a recent Regent University student trip to DC. In addition to meeting with the usual suspects of homophobic legislators, Regent students were also treated to time with openly gay Executive Director of the NRSC, JAY TIMMONS. For a university that goes to lengths to highlight the work of its alumni in the fight to protect society from the devaluation of the very fabric of the family—marriage, this is a huge step forward! The University has a toll free number 800-373-5504 (ask for the President’s Office). Call Pat and tell him what you think.

If you are not a Regent U. student you can still feel like you are part of the excitement of this event. Just click on any of the pics below to read the story on Regent’s own website.

l. That’s Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) on the left…she’s the lead FMA sponsor in the House.

r. James Inhofe — he’s the one who refuses to let gay Oklahoma residents work in his office.

Here’s Jay and his work buddy, George Allen (R-VA). According to the website where Jay works, his group has only one job, which they call a “crusade”: to elect more republicans to the United States Senate. (Let me make this simple: Jay is a gay man who works to elect anti-gay people to the Senate!) And, who could forget the lovely reception for Regent Students at the Heritage Foundation!

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