Another success…

You know I think it’s kind of funny when people say the blog has no effect:

1. Reports on Robert Traynham, a gay man who works for Rick Santorum.
2. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on Ricky and his gay communications director and Ricky stands by his man Robert.
3. Sources tell me Traynham attends and event last month for LOGO-TV, where he tells folks I ‘outed’ him. (Nice to see you out and about after you were ‘outed’ Robert.)
4. Activist meets with Santorum, who had been asked by the Inquirer about his gay staffer, and signs letter pledging not to discriminate against staffers based on sexual orientation or gender expression.

Did Rick Santorum sign the letter as a brazen political move in an election year? Did he do it to show a bit of moderation for the upcoming election? I have no idea. I am willing to bet that his signing it will not be viewed favorably by the likes of Lou Sheldon and Tony Perkins.

Can I tell you what was going on in Santorum’s head when he signed the letter? Nope. But I don’t really care…. He signed it and that’s progress.

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