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How’s this for exposure for our campaign?! Mary Jacoby wrote a wonderful article, The Outing of Congress, in’s Politics and News section. We are the top story of the day!

Rebecca Dana and Jose Antonio Vargas over at The Washington Post have a great article on page one of today’s Style Section. Mr. Vargas, a new reporter to the Post, was one of the most thorough reporters I’ve ever dealt with…the article is GREAT!

Here’s an update story, (video) on DC’s CBS Affiliate.

The Chicago Tribune’s Jill Zuckerman and Anastasia Ustinova wrote an article that does a great job of including our campaign in the main Senate marriage debate.

Click on over to The Advocate and read their piece on our campaign. There’s also some interesting facts in there, like the fact that the ED of the Log Cabin Republicans refuses to tell anyone who he is voting for In November! I bet that’s going over well with the party faithful like Openly Gay JAY TIMMONS at the NRSC., the largest gay internet site on the planet, has an article by seasoned political reporter, Chris Bull. Check out their take on the “Coverboy Exposed” scandal.

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