David Dreier is not gonna be happy about this…

Ooops… Well. I am late again. Darn! Just when the right wingers were coming by in droves all worried about who is next in Congress or the Senate.

AUDIO: Mike Rogers on KABC on David Dreier and Ken Mehlman

Instead of the Wednesday report of staffers, I have a real treat. Tonight I spent thirty minutes on Los Angeles station KABC radio, the second largest L.A. AM radio station. Right in the middle of Los Angeles “radio drive time,” I spent almost the entire half hour educating the entire Los Angeles region about David Dreier’s life as a closeted gay man. What a sea change from two years ago, when Los Angeles stations barred me from mentioning Dreier’s name.

The host of the show, Al Rantel is a gay conservative. We had a blast.

And when I wasn’t talking about Dreier, I was raising questions about Ken Mehlman. They are on the defensive, yet they have no morals or ethics to count on.

[Mike Rogers of blogACTIVE.com on KABC Radio, the Al Rantel – 26:17]

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