Another huge audience hears about Dreier and Mehlman

On Alan Colmes’ radio show tonight it was more of the topic that is on everyone’s mind: The huge Republican losses coming down the pike as a result of GOP office holders looking like the Keystone Kops.

Two years ago the thought of me mentioning David Dreier living a gay life on national radio made producers shudder everywhere. Today, David’s relationship with his Chief of Staff and frequent travel companion Brad Smith is talked about on radio

Yup. There are gays everywhere… And now millions of people know about the one from California’s 26th Congressional District.

Of course, I made sure to dedicate time to our favorite missing party chairman… Ken Mehlman. Plenty of chat on national radio again tonight about how Ken has all but disappeared from public view as his party reels from a huge scandal involving closeted men at the highest levels of the GOP!

Where is Ken Mehlman?

[AUDIO: Mike Rogers on Alan Colmes’ radio show]

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