Pete Meachum, aide to Ginny Brown-Waite

Original title: ACTION: Cracker Barrel Supporter (in 1997!) has gay LD: Pete Meachum

That’s Homophobe Ginny Brown-Waite on the left. On the right, it’s Pete Meachum as he appeared in The Hill feature on The 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.

Please join me in writing to Pete Meachum. Be sure to congratulate Pete on his selection as one of the Hill’s 50 most beautiful people. Your e-mail is probably a good chance to ask “how an openly gay man works for such a homophobe?”

Pete’s boss, Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL-5), has one of the Florida House delegation’s most homophobic records:

Marriage Protection Act of 2004, Brown-Waite, Ginny: YES


Federal Marriage Amendment: CO-SPONSOR

Cracker Barrel Store Opening Attendance: November 21, 1997, ignores protesters from P/FLAG who oppose Cracker Barrel’s homophobia. (at the time, it was Cracker Barrel’s policy to eliminate gay and lesbian employees from it’s workforce. For more info on the history, click here

If you’d like to learn more about Pete, be sure to read the article from the Advocate where Pete and his partner’s commitment ceremony is described. Want to learn about Pete’s out of office activities? Check out this site, he’s a member of the local multicultural rugby club, The Renegades.

Here’s blogACTIVE’s question: How can one of The Hill’s “50 most beautiful people,” work for such ugly homophobes?!

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