Questions of Tom Reynolds go unanswered

No. I do not think he is gay. But he may be a hypocrite…

I get an A+ for effort on trying to have LD Platt, spokesman for embattled Rep. Tom Reynolds, answer some simple questions. I’ve called, emailed, left messages and done everything possible to enable Mr. Platt to answer my inquiries. You’d think with growing questions about Reynolds’ wife’s business dealings and his personal life, the spokesman might get back to me.

So, what answers am I waiting to have answered?

1. Mr. Reynolds, is your wife an active real estate agent or broker?
2. Does your wife handle real estate business for the surrogates court in your home county?
3. If yes, in dollars, how much business does your wife receive from the county?
4. What percentage of your wife’s real estate sales/brokerage is from public sources, such as fees and other income generated by the Surrogate’s court transactions?
5. What percentage of the Surrogate’s court’s real estate business is awarded to your wife?
6. Under what circumstances was the business awarded and was it competitive. If so, where would I find the bidding and other contracting documents.?

Perhaps L.D. is too busy protecting Reynolds from the Foley fallout. Remember, it was Reynolds who helped coverup the Foley’s actions and his Chief of Staff, Kirk Fordham, quit over the scandal. first reported on Foley in 2005, and on Kirk Fordham in July 2004, just one week after the site started. Fordham was working for major homophobe

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