Denver Post calls out James Dobson

The times are changing. Just two years ago we learned that papers owned by the Denver Post protect David Dreier by hiding his relatonship with his lover, Brad Smith. Today, it’s good to see the Post call on Dobson to look into hypocrisy in the GOP:

Don’t tell Dobson, but the Bush administration has been known to hire gays. In fact, when Mark Dybul was sworn in as the nation’s global AIDS ambassador recently, his partner, Jason Claire, held the Bible during his swearing-in ceremony with Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush as enthusiastic witnesses.

Dobson has been considered an important Christian voice in the United States, but lately he comes across as putting partisan politics ahead of values as he does the bidding of Washington Republicans.

Remember his quick defense for the president’s inexperienced Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers?

Worse, Dobson even found a way to excuse Mark Foley’s repugnant behavior with congressional pages, guessing it was some ‘sort of a joke by the boy and some of the other pages.

Poor James Dobson, duped by all those closet cases at the top of the GOP.

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