ACTION: Email Jay Timmons. And a names update.


The first Roy Cohn Award, July 23, 2004



Wow, if you saw the email we’ve had to sift through…and so much of it with corroborating evidence. Thanks for the links to pictures of our many ROY COHN AWARD nominees at parties and events. There’s no way to write back to each of you…there’s just too much mail, — we are trying! Please keep the mail coming…our new addresses are on the left column.

This week’s winner, to be announced Friday, is one of the most shocking examples yet. In preparation, be sure you take a minute to read about his boss, Sen. Trent Lott. Do you remember when Lott said “You should try to show them a way to deal with that problem, just like alcohol,others have a sex addiction or are kleptomaniacs.”?

The question I am asking is why on earth would Trent Lott entrust A LOT of money to someone who he feels is mentally ill, eh? We’ll be up with the award Friday.

On another ROY COHN AWARD note, I tried to get a meeting with Jay Timmons to present him his award. It seems, however, that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is not ineterested in me meeting with them. Go figure! The plaque Above is Timmon’s award from Friday. Be sure to write Jay Timmons a message of congratuations for receiving the first Roy Cohn Award for outstanding acheievement AGAINST the gay and lesbian community.” Jay’s email address is Be sure to send us a copy too!

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