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Some of the most interesting work I’ve done has been to spend time making calls on behalf of the organization I founded, Proud Of Who We Are. It’s been fascinating calling the pastors of mega churches around the country to educate them on the high number of closeted leaders there are in the leadership of conservative organizations.

Does Haggard come as a surprise? How can it when you realize that Phyllis Schlafley’s chief lawyer is her gay son? In a world where a gay man is chief financial officer of Concerned Woman for America, is it that shocking when a Haggard comes along?

I actually have a lot of faith in the faith-based voters in this country. Those who fill the pews are not as bad as those who preach to them. They are merely being sold a product under false pretenses.

At least it’s good to see some of them catching on.

Evangelical Leader: GOP Abandoned Voters:

Conservative Christian leader James Dobson accused the Republican Party of abandoning values voters in the midterm elections — and paying the price by losing control of Congress. ‘What did they do with their power?’ Dobson said in a statement. ‘Very little that values voters care about.’

Finger-pointing abounded in the days after Democrats seized control of Congress after 12 years in the minority. Dobson, chairman of Focus on the Family, issued a statement railing against the Republicans for letting their majorities slip away.

I’m not done reaching out to these evangelical leaders just yet. Later today I’ll let you know about a fun little project I’m engaged in.

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