Dirk Smith, aide to Trent Lott

Original Title: ACTION: Roy Cohn Award Winner: Call Trent Lott and say “Thanks for having a gay money man!!”

If you’re not familiar with Sen. Trent Lott’s view of gay people take a moment to read this story from when the former Majority Leader appeared as a guest on the Armstrong Williams radio show. On the air Armstrong Williams asked Lott if he thought being gay was a sin and Lott responded:

“Yes, it is… in America right now there’s an element that wants to make that alternative lifestyle acceptable. You still love that person and you should not try to mistreat them or treat them as outcasts. You should try to show them a way to deal with that problem, just like alcohol … others have a sex addiction or are kleptomaniacs. There are all kinds of problems and addictions and difficulties and experiences of this kind that are wrong. But you should try to work with that person to learn to control that problem.”

Well, get this…even though he thinks gay people are sinners and mentally ill, he has no problem trusting the financial management of his political action committee, The New Republican Majority Fund, to an openly gay man, DIRK SMITH. Today, blogACTIVE.com awards this week’s ROY COHN award to Dirk for outstanding work AGAINST the gay and lesbian community.

Who would have thought that a gay man would work for one of the nation’s biggest homophobes? Trust, me…there’s plenty more on the way and now that it’s no longer convention week, you’ll see them coming up at a faster clip.

So, readers, two actions you can take:

First, call Trent Lott at 202-224-6253 and thank him for hiring Dirk, despite the fact that he has accused him of being a sinner and a persona afflicted with a kleptomaniac like illness.

Second, Call Dirk at 703-299-6600 and let him know how you feel about gay men working for Trent Lott.

Of course, please drop a note to us at blogACTIVE.com to let us know about the calls.

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