What will Dobson think?

Remember Jay Timmons? I reported on him at the same time I reported on Foley operative Kirk Fordham, in July 2005. Jay was the very first recipient of the sites Roy Cohn Award.

I wonder what LaBarbera, Dobson, Fallwell and Perkins think about closet case Timmons raising funds to help closet case Fordham? I’m not sure…but I’ll find out because I’m making sure the top conservative leaders know about the fact that they are closeted gay man.

What is amazing here, is that Timmons sent the letter the day after the GOP tanked and lost it all. (The Foley scandal, perpetuated by Mr. Fordham, was a major contributor to that loss. Timmons, the former executive director of the National Republican Campaign Committee, should know better.

So, the secret cabal of closeted gay men (as opposed to those who live honestly) clearly put their own needs above the party’s. Have you seen Kirk’s puts their

Republicans worry election lessons haven’t been learned:

Several Republicans on K Street said they were also flabbergasted when they received a solicitation for donations to a legal defense fund for a staffer at the center of the page scandal. The e-mail request for money was sent a day after the election when Republicans were still reeling from the losses.

“I am astonished by the audacity of this,” one GOP lobbyist remarked in an e-mail. “They didn’t even wait a respectful amount of time so that people could get over their grief over last night’s results.”

Jay Timmons, senior vice president of policy and government at the National Association of Manufacturers and former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, sent the e-mail, entitled “Kirk Fordham’s legal expenses,” last Wednesday to several K Street lobbyists, asking them to forward it to others.

Fordham resigned as Reynolds’s chief of staff last month. Before moving to Reynolds’s office, he had been Foley’s chief of staff, and when the page scandal broke, claimed he had tried to warn senior staffers in Speaker Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) office about Foley’s behavior at least a year earlier. Hastert’s staffers dispute this, and argument between Fordham’s and Hastert’s offices over the issue.

Now, before you cry a river for Mr. Fordham, remember that he was the chief fundraiser for homophobe Sen. Mel Martinez, the new RNC Chairman. And I can’t imagine he’s doing all that poorly… the house he’s in is worth a cool $700,000+ — and that’s just the tax assessment…we all know houses sell for a lot more than their assessed valued.

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