Linus Catignani, aide to Bill Frist

ORIGINAL TITLE: ACTION: Congratulate Bill Frist and Linus Catignani on Linus’ Roy Cohn Award

When does the insanity end? That’s right folks! One of the big fundraisers for SENATE MAJORITY LEADER BILL FRIST is a Roy Cohn Award Winner. Openly gay man Linus Catignani is a partner of Catignani & Bond, First’s fundraising consulting firm. (Linus’ partner is Linda Bond, wife of Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) another strong supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment.) What does Linus’ boss Bill Frist have to say about lesbian and gay equality? The Tennessee Senator was quick to tell the Massachusetts legislature what to do when the courts upheld our equality. You can read Frist’s statement here. Sen. Frist also made it a point to speak out against equality during the debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment. And while Sen. Frist is going to be busy crafting the Republican’s anti gay platform planks during the convention, Linus’ firm will be filling the coffers of Frist’s Political Action Committee: VOLPAC! Of course, the first purpose listed at the VOLPAC site is: “To assist Senator Bill Frist as he works to advance his goals in the U.S. Senate.”

I’ve tried to chat with Linus about this. While I was able to reach his partner, Doug at their home in Tennessee, I have had much less luck with Linus. I wonder what Doug thinks of Linus’ work for the Senator?

More important, what do YOU think of Linus’ work for Sen. Bill Frist and VOLPAC? Click here to write a note to Linus about your feelings. A copy will be sent to Senator Frist’s press secretary, Linus’ partner Linda Bond, and, of course, to

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