Lee LaHaye, Concerned Women for America CFO

Original Title: ACTION: They MUST be kidding at Concerned Women for America! Write or Call Lee LaHaye today! 

+ = Lee LaHaye’s Hoover Award!

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Lee LaHaye, CFO, Concerned Women For America

I’m no fan of soon to be former NJ Gov. James McGreevey. When I first heard the rumors that he was gay and that he supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, I began to track down the story to expose his hypocrisy. Well, Golan Cipel and his attorneys beat me to the scoop and McGreevey made the political calculation that it was more noble to say he was gay than to say he was corrupt. (People will debate whether or not that’s progress for the gay rights movement and I’ll leave that analysis up to someone else. What is far more interesting to me is to see how one organization played with this issue.)

While the Human Rights Campaign made the biggest “non statement” of the entire story, the Concerned Women for America found it necessary to post a story on its site that slams the “largest homosexual rights organization in America.” A surprise? No and Yes. (Does that make me a flip-flopper?)

“No” – How could I be surprised when the author of the article is David Thibault, managing editor of Cybercast News Service. Founded in 1998 to counter the “liberal bias” of the news, Cybercast News is one of the most right leaning news sources on the web. They are about as “fair and balanced” as Fox News!

“Yes” – Considering that the Chief Financial Officer of Concerned Women for America, Lee LaHaye is himself an openly gay man, you have to wonder why they continue to bash gays. How bad can gays be if CWA trusts its $12 MILLION 2003 budget to Lee? Oh, If Lee’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Lee is the son of Beverly and Tim LaHaye, two of the most noted anti-gay characters in the country.

I wasn’t quite sure how to recognize the extraordinary achievements of Lee and his gang over at CWA, A Roy Cohn Award just didn’t seem like enough. That’s when I remembered I had a picture of J. Edgar Hoover’s grave at Congressional Cemetery in DC. The picture was taken during the 1993 March on Washington — The dress, purse and triangles were there long before the days of Photoshop — aside from the photo credit and website, the picture is exactly as I saw it.

So, without further delay, blogACTIVE presents the J. Edgar Hoover Award to Lee LaHaye of Concerned Women for America for simultaneously working to destroy the progress of gay and lesbian Americans while living an openly gay life.

Please be sure to click here to write a note to Lee LaHaye (copies will be automatically sent to CWA’s media director, Rebecca Riggs, CWA’s in-house hatemonger, Robert Knight, and to blogACTIVE.com.)

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