New York City Mayor Ed Koch

Original Title: ACTION: Use Ed Koch’s work email and ask “Why is NY’s former mayor, a gay man, speaking at the RNC?”

Of course, it’s no surprise that Ed Koch is gay. Everyone in NY seems to know it and it was confirmed for me in 1996 by Ed’s former lover, the late Richard Nathan. At the time, Richard was on the Board of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and I was the Development Director. When I called Ed a few weeks ago even he refused to deny that he was gay. He was, however, excited that someone “would be interested in the sex life of an 80 year old.” As soon as I mentioned Richard Nathan, there was a marked change in Ed’s voice and at that point he decided that the rest of the call would be off the record. Oh, poor stupid Ed…another queer who thinks being gay is just about who you sleep with. Unfortunately, as we know, being gay is also about sustaining attacks from the pResident and his party.

I was raised in the New York City area and remember when Ed was a reformer who refused to move into the NY Mayor’s residence, Gracie Mansion, opting instead for his one room apartment in Greenwich Village. Oh, poor Ed, he seems to have lost his way. And now, a gay man Ed Koch, is supporting G. W. Bush and the most homophobic platform in American history.

YOU, readers, can click here and write to Ed Koch at his office email address and ask him to stand up against the hate and homophobia being spewed forth at Madison Square Garden!

Ed Koch…you are a gay man…do not abandon your community!


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  1. Stephen Hemrick June 25, 2013 at 12:01 am · Reply

    Check out this artcle/homage to the former mayor, Ed Koch:

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