Not just one voter in question at Rep. Patrick McHenry’s house!

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[Research for this story provided by Muriel Kane.]

Update: Matt at InterstateQ, one of my favorite sites, has the latest on McHenry’s nighttime buddy.

CBS News reported today that Michael Aaron Lay, an aide to (the unmarried) Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), was arrested on voter fraud charges.

There is more to the story than you’re reading in the CBS news item. LOTS MORE.

First here’s the item from CBS on Lay:

The indictment charges that Michael Aaron Lay, 26, illegally cast his ballot in two 2004 Congressional primary run-offs in which McHenry was a candidate. The charges indicate that Lay voted in a district where it was not legal for him to vote. 

At the time Lay was listed as a resident in a home owned by 32-year-old McHenry but campaign records indicate Lay’s paychecks were sent to an address in Tennessee. McHenry won the primary by only 86 votes. According to Gaston County, North Carolina District Attorney Locke Bell, Lay was indicted on Monday, May 7 by a local grand jury.

Before I get into the other angles…Here’s a copy of the voter registration information on Michael Aaron Lay:


Here is the voting, showing the only time Lay voted in the District was during McHenry’s first campaign:


AT THE SAME TIME, he was registered to vote in NC, here’s four of the many payment entries from McHenry’s FEC reports, where he is paid at a Tennessee address: 


That is where the CBS Story ends… But, look, there’s more!

Here is the registration for ANOTHER person on McHenry’s staff, Jason Jent Deans, who registered in the district and was paid at another address. And get this, he registered to vote on June 11, 2004, just before the same primaries that the now-indicted Mr. Lay voted in.

Here’s an archived copy of Deans’s registration and voting record. He voted in McHenry’s district in ’06. The registration record is from the NC voter records site, and was on line as late as October of ’06, when it was provided to me: 



What was Mr. Deans getting paid for in 2004? Working for the McHenry campaign. AND… at different address than his registration! Here are some of the FEC reports on Jason Jent Deans showing him being paid in a different city from his voter registration: 


If you need more on Mr. Deans, get this: he RECENTLY changed his voter registration location. Could it be that he was aware of the CBS story or the forthcoming indictments against Lay? Here’s the latest registration for Mr. Deans:


There’s more…A lot more!


Want more? Yet ANOTHER person registered at the address just before McHenry’s first election. While the NC election records indicate that Matthew Allen Hamilton registered to vote at the address in October 29, 1998, just before election day. He didn’t vote in that election and did not start voting until November of 2002, four years after he registered. Interestingly, the only primaries he voted in were the ones in which McHenry ran, including a runoff in August of ’04: 

And in that tightly fought primary in ’04, Hamilton voted by absentee ballot:

Could there be MORE people at the address? Um, yup! 

Get this! On June 23, 2004 Neil Everett Capano also registered at 1100 Requa Road, McHenry’s pad:

I mean, enough already!

The funny thing about McHenry is this: I’ve received tons of tips from across the state, including one from an elected official who told me, “I can tell you Patrick McHenry is gay. I’ve known him long enough to know.”

Now, I’m not saying he is gay, but he does seem to like engaging with Barney Frank. If you have not seen the video of their exchange, it’s priceless.

And on Thursday, McHenry refers to Congresswoman Ellen Taucher as a man. It seems clear to me that Patrick has some serious gender identity issues.

In typical form, is it any wonder that Patrick McHenry was the Republican attack dog against the Democrats on Foleygate? What is really funny here, is how he tries to call Foley an “obscure congressman from Florida.” Check this video out:


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