Outed Assembly Chairwoman votes for marriage equality

I recently wrote about activists in New York targeting a woman they said was a closeted lesbian and chair of the State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee. Activists in NY pressured her via advertising and telephone campaigns. BlogActive readers sent tons of email to members of her committee informing them of the campaign and to ask them to support marriage equality.

Well, all of a sudden, the committee voted to move the bill. From Gay City News:

In a straight party-line vote, the Judiciary Committee of the New York State Assembly this afternoon approved the marriage equality bill introduced by Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer in April and sponsored by Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell and Senator Tom Duane.

The favorable vote out of Judiciary is a strong predictor that the full Assembly will approve the measure later this week.

And how did Chairwoman Weinstein vote?

Specifically, four of the Democrats who supported the measure today – Helene Weinstein of Queens, the Committee chair; Peter Rivera of the Bronx; Michele Titus of Queens; and Kenneth Zebrowski, Jr., of Rockland County – were all to-date publicly neutral. The shift of four Democrats in a group of 16 confirms the party’s coalescence around the measure.

Congratulations to those fighting for marriage equality in NY, my home state.

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