Happy Anniversary…He’s baaaaaaaack!

Remember Robert Traynham? Two years ago this month I reported on his being a closeted gay man working for Rick Santorum. The Philadelphia Inquirer picked up my story and ran it on Page 2. Of course, I awarded Traynham a BlogActive Roy Cohn Award. After all, he worked for a guy who claimed gays and lesbians making love was akin to a man having sex with a dog.

After a brief stint in Public Relations, Traynham has gotten back into the political game:

Robert Traynham, former communications director for U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., had been wooed by several presidential campaigns, but seemed to be heading for something of a timeout from politics.

Now it seems he’s changed course and has signed on with actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson‘s campaign as a senior adviser.

It’s a “shrewd move,” says Sharon Cobb…

who notes Traynham brings strong qualifications to the campaign plus hiring the openly gay man could help win support of moderate Republicans.

Since Santorum’s defeat, Traynham has hung out his own PR shingle, working for a variety of private sector clients including Philadelphia-based Comcast and has been working on projects including a book deal of his own, teaching and serving as a commentator for National Public Radio.

Here’s some of Fred’s stands on the issues:

Hate Crimes: Voted ‘No’
Hate Crimes again: Voted ‘No’
Defense of Marriage Act: Voted ‘Yes’
ENDA: Voted ‘No’

Well, at least Robert will feel right at home.

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