Hustler Letter to Dreier ! The heat is on! has obtained copies of the letters written by Hustler Magazine Features Editor Mark Cromer to Representative David Dreier and Editor Phil Drake of the San Valley Gabriel Tribune. 

In the letter to Dreier, Hustler asks for an interview with the Republican Congressman who has one of the nation’s most homophobic voting records. To see the full letter from Hustler Features Editor Mark Cromer to Congressman Dreier, click here. It’s quite an interesting read!

While some are holding Dreier’s opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment as an example of one pro pro-gay action, his 12-term record shows that Dreier is quite anti-gay:

Voted FOR the Defense of Marriage Act (1996)

Voted FOR the Marriage Protection Act (2004)

Opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA (1996, 1997, 1999)

Opposed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act (1997)

Supported allowing federally funded charities to discriminate against gays and lesbians, despite local laws. (2001)

Voted to prohibit lesbians and gays in DC from adpting children – 3,000 miles from his distirct! (1998)

Opposed the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) program. (1996)

Opposed increases in State AIDS Drug Assistance Program (1997)

Opposed the restoration of funding to HOPWA (1998)

(source of votes, key votes library)

While I was able to check the votes, I decided the only proper way to check if Congressman Dreier’s office has a non-discrimination office with regard to gay and lesbian employees. I will be faxing the Congressman’s office today to see if they object to my putting the audio files of those calls on the web for readers.

The independent press has covered David Dreier for many years. Low Magazine published an article in 1997 which asked: Congressman David Dreier: Gay or Snappy Dresser? blogACTIVE is pleased to present the entire original article. To read it, click here. (you can also right click to save it to your desktop.)

If you are interested in press coverage (or NON-coverage) of David Dreier, come back later today and learn more about this story and where it’s headed from here.

And, before I forget…that letter to Mr. Drake referenced in the picture above? That’s going up too!



It’s totally legal to call the Congressman’s office and ask “Does Congressman Dreier have a policy of non descrimination in his office to protect employees on the basis of sexual orientation.?” Please post your experiences in the comments section of this entry.


As we learned from Schrock, once the best they can come up with is a hang up, they know that they can’t craft a message worth repeating.

These right wingers who have taken over our country MUST MUST MUST be exposed. Keep the pressure on Dreier…and more are on the way.

Remember, BE POLITE. The people who answer the phones are scared of the fact that this will probably throw the congressman’s chance of being elected into an unknown…interesting place for the Chairman of the Rules Committee who did not even bother to put up a campaign website!

We’re working overtime to get you more information.

As for those who doubt what is happeneing….let me be perfectly clear… David Dreier is a rabidly anti-gay legislator…he has the chance to tell the American people he is gay himself or it appears that a slew of press and sites will do it for him. This is America and I will NOT let anyone, Not Steve Schmidt who tried to kill my story off the record on behalf of the Bush Cheney Campaign and not that Ben Ginsburg (now disgraced lawyer) guy who tried on behalf of Bush Cheney 04 to intimidate me against outing a campaign official.

Developing stories….more soon….



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