DNC Credits blogger who delivered Congress for shaking up Thompson campaign

The DNC in their statement acknowledged that it was Lane Hudson who filed the FEC complaint that has the GOP candidates attacking each other and has caused damage to a candidate who claims he isn’t even in the race yet:

DNC Supports FEC Complaint Against Fred Thompson

Testing the Waters Campaign Goes Beyond Scope of the Law

Washington, DC – Today, the Democratic National Committee issued a statement in support of the Federal Election Commission complaint filed by Lane Hudson against Fred Thompson’s “Test the Waters” Campaign.

“Voters deserve to know whether Fred Thompson is in or out,” said Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney. “Thompson continues to skirt the same campaign finance laws that he once championed by running a shadow campaign in order to avoid financial disclosure requirements which would force him to reveal his donors. In addition to skirting campaign finance laws, Thompson also appears to be trying to avoid the rigors of the campaign trail, including debates, serious interviews with the media and details on where he stands on the issues important to the American people. Thompson should stop trying to skirt the laws. Americans have already had six years of an Administration that believes it’s above the law – we don’t need more of the same.”

Because of Lane’s work last year, Karen Finney has a MUCH easier job over the next year. I wonder why NOT ONE PERSON at the DNC has helped Lane find a job. (lane has been out of work since he posted the Mark Foley emails and was fired as a result of it.)

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