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I’m getting more hits tonight in each hour than I normally get in a quiet week on the site. Welcome to those of you coming in via Yahoo!, the Associated Press, CNN or other places.

You’ve stumbled upon BlogACTIVE.com, the site that exposes anti-gay politicians who themselves are closeted. Over the past three years my work has exposed folks like US Rep. Ed Schrock (you can hear recordings of his calls to a male sex hook up line here) and US Rep. David Dreier. In October of last year I reported on US Senator Larry Craig’s sexual encounters with men, including one at Washington, DC’s Union Station.

Here are some links to my work on Larry Craig from last year:

My original report: Senator Larry Craig…. What’s with the gay bashing?

Spokesman Review: If our reporters had uncovered this information, it’s unlikely we would run a story. However, because this information is already circulating through other media, it’s a different situation.

Technorati: After outing, Larry Craig is number one blog search term

USA Today on Larry Craig being outed

CBS News weighs in on Larry Craig report

Video: Bill Maher and Barney Frank on Larry Craig

If you believe that exposing anti-gay right closet cases is important for our democracy, please stop by here and support the research and travel expenses needed to put together these stories. THANKS!

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