Jay Banning, Republican National Committee CFO

Original title: ACTION: Tell the RNC Leadership that gay bashing must stop. Tell Gay CFO/Dir of Admin JAY BANNING to STOP THE BASHING!


It’s just unbelievable to me that a gay man, Jay Banning, can serve as the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER and DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION of the Republican National Committee at the same time that the RNC prints and distributes blatantly homophobic materials in swing states. For the complete story of my phone call with Banning, check out Blue Lemur.

Do these men and women in power have ANY SENSE OF DECENCY WHATSOEVER? In today’s New York Times, RNC Spokesperson Christine Iverson acknowledges that this ugly hate speech IS the work of the RNC. Unreal. Someone needs to wake up Ed Gillespie and remind him we are in the twenty first Century.


Click here and send a heartfelt email to senior staff at the Republican National Committee and tell them considering that the man who they trust with nearly $300 MILLION, they ought to be more respectful of our lives! Remind them that Jay Banning — and other gay staffers at the RNC — should be entitled to equal rights under the law. Tell the RNC that the HATEFUL flyers (see previous entry below) will not be tolerated by the American people.

blogACTIVE readers, this is a stealth cultural war. They learned that an “out in the open” culture war does not play well in America, so the decided to take underground. Well, we have news…. this site will go into ever rathole we can find to expose the TRUTH about these hateful people!

Take a stand! Send an email today — and forward this to every fair-minded American you know. We MUST stand up to this hatred, especially when it’s financed with millions managed by GAY MEN like Jay Banning.

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