David Dreier: Get Over Drag

Gay US House member David Dreier tells CBS News to lighten up about Rudy’s past with drag…

CBSNews.com: As I’ve talked to a number of social conservative leaders, some of whom are supporters and some not, they keep coming back to the fact that he cross-dressed a lot as mayor of New York. And that when he was going through a divorce, he lived with an openly gay couple, that he supports gay rights. Do you think that will hurt him in Republican primaries?

David Dreier: I really don’t. I mean, people know this guy was mayor of New York. The city was five to one, Democrat to Republican. And he has a great sense of humor. And you know, he is, from my perspective, very libertarian in his views, which I believe happens to be the core view that Republicans have.

He’s made it clear that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. That’s where he is on this. But he’s a supporter of the notion of civil unions. George W. Bush is in that exact same position on this issue.

And I will say that the notion of cross dressing, good heavens. I mean, it was all a skit. I told people to relax a bit and realize that having someone who has a great sense of humor is a healthy good thing for our country.

Perhaps it’s because of this… The Roy Cohn Award earned by Dreier back in ’04:

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