Forbes on sex and politics and the web

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Forbes, probably to sway US financiers to ignore Foley, Vitter, Craig and the rest, has run a story and photo slide show about international sex scandals, going so far as to print:

Just about every country in the world has been rattled by some sort of political sex scandal in recent times.

Source? It sounds to me like a bit of an exaggeration, but the magazine was published for over 35 years by a closeted gay leather daddy, Malcolm Forbes…perhaps that is still clouding their view. Reading the article I can’t help think that the subtle message in the piece is that it’s OK for the magazine’s readers to write off these scandals because, well, they happen everywhere.

One section of the article describes the effect the web has had on the media:

But sex scandals loom so large throughout the West because of a free (and aggressive) press–a phenomenon magnified by technology. In Washington blogger Mike Rogers uses the Web to “out” gay government staffers and members of Congress. Naomi Seligman Steiner, deputy director of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, says the rise of the Internet and 24-hour cable news has empowered the public with an “insatiable appetite” for scandal.

The story is here.
The slide show of sex scandals is here.

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