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Thank you for stopping by the BlogActive Investigation Fund information page. The success of BlogActive is due to the generosity of readers like you and without the support of BlogActive fans, my breaking stories on hypocrites like Larry Craig, Ed Schrock and Mark Foley would be impossible. As you can see from the “Field Guide” on the front page (and below), I’ve exposed close to 30 hypocrites who are closeted, anti-gay and working against LGBT equality.

With BlogActive 2.0, the work of researching and reporting these cases will continue. I hope you’ll support the work.

Your gift to the fund will support research, travel for interviews and the hiring of investigators. The places to research these stories are not always the most exciting (Boise, Birmingham, Louisville and Omaha to name a few), but that’s where the stories are and, with your help, I’ll be able to keep tracking them down.

I hope you will consider supporting the important work of BlogActive by making a gift today. Gifts to the fund can be made via PayPal above or below.

As the site evolves into BlogActive 2.0, the focus of the site will continue to be the research and reporting on these cases. With your support the work will continue and the site will continue to report on hypocrites against fairness.

Thanks so much for your support.


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  1. Maria La Place April 12, 2011 at 3:51 pm · Reply

    Hi Mike,

    I just thought you might like to know that I phoned David Dreier’s office in Washington (after calling Mary Bono, where I got an assurance she will vote against defunding planned parenthood) to beg him not to vote for defunding PP.. So I told them I how I was born and raised in his district (true) and I was just calling Republicans to to plead with them not to give in to the extremist tea part fjringe on this and other things that “help ordinary middle class people”. And then I said, “I mean as a gay man who lives openly with his partner, I would hope that he would have compassion for women on these issues.” The staffer took a big pause and asked why I was calling.. I said I was calling the entire Republican House delegation with the same request, but because Dreier is my home town rep, I called him first. The guy sort of gulped and said he’d pass the message along to the congressman. Fun!!!!!

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